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Retromini Gameboy Console Portatile 8GB
€ 54,90
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Retromini Gameboy Console + micro sd da 8 GB

Micro sd configurata con 1000 giochi Gameboy Advance

supporta Gameboy , Gameboy color , Gameboy Advance , Nintendo

Caratteristiche :

  L + R Trigger Buttons on the back for GBA Games
    Supports GB,GBC,GBA,NES ROMS
     Real time save states
    Support battery saves for original games that save
    384Mhz CPU
    32MB Ram
    Supports MOST GBA and NES ROMS (just drop and drag)
    Supports MANY GB and GBC games (when converted to GBA format)
    Menu Supports 26 Languages
    Music and Video Player
    Photo + Text Viewer
    3.5mm Audio Slot
    Supports TF/Micro SD Cards up-to 32GB (8gb TF Card included)
    Removable Battery: BL-5C 1020 mAh
    Runtime: approximately 5 hours
    Dimensions: 7.0.x10.5x2.2 cm
    Weight (with battery): 103 grams
    Includes: Console, Battery, USB Cable, Manual, Box and 8gb TF Card(Preloaded)

sito ufficiale

RetroGame Console Portatile 64bit
€ 69,00
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RetroGame Console Portatile 64bit , memoria espandibile fino a 32GB

inclusi 3500 giochi delle seguenti console :

CAPCOM Play system







Neo Geo 

Game Gear

Sega Master System Game Series

Caratteristiche :

  • 64-bit operating system.

  • The game can be saved at any time.

  • Built-in memory 2.37GB with optional expandable memory (Up to 32GB)

  • 3-inch LCD(960 * 480) 

  • Acrylic Transparent Plastic Case

  • Supports 26 Languages

  • Built-in 818 classic games

    Package includes:

      1x RetroGame
      1x USB cable
      1x TV output cable
      1x User Manual

Console Retrogame Raspberry Pi 3 Retropie Kit 32GB
€ 115,00
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Raspberry pi 3 Retropie Kit

il kit comprende :

1 Raspberry pi 3 quad-core 1.2ghz 64bit

1 Alimentatore raspberry Originale

1 Case raspberry bianco rosso Originale

1 cavo hdmi 1.4

1 micro SD 16 GB Kingston classe 10

2 Snes Controller Retro Game

Console Emulate : Amiga , sega32 , sega cd, nintendo 64 , playstation , mame , atari 2600 , atari 7800 , game boy , gameboy advance , gameboy color , sega master system , sega genesis , neo-geo , nintendo , super nintendo , neo geo pocket , super famicon , pc engine

8Bitdo SFC30 30th Anniversario Bluetooth Snes Controller
€ 34,90
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8Bitdo SFC30 30th Bluetooth Snes Controller , alta qualità


Same SFC30 touch,Same SFC feeling

Support IOS(iCade),Android and Mac Windows.

Best for Touch Screen Devices.

Upgradable Firmware.

Porgrammable Keys.



Bluetooth Joystick 

Bluetooth Keyboard 

iCade mode 

Wii remote mode 

Wire USB controller 

Emu-Touch Screen mode



OS support: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS

Connection: Bluetooth wireless, USB cable wire both support 

Keys: D-Pad, START, SELECT, A, B, X, Y, L, R 

Battery: 480mAh Li-on battery 

Charge: USB port 

USB Cable: 1.2 meter 

Height: 61 mm 2.40 inches 

Width: 144 mm 5.66 inches 

Depth: 24 mm 0.94 inches
ESP8266 Lua Nodemcu V3 Chip per mod PS4
€ 9,90
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ESP8266 Lua Nodemcu Chip per mod PS4

Carateristiche :

- 11 b/g/n Wi-Fi Direct (P2P), soft-AP

- Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack

- CP2102 Serial / USB Chip

- +19.5dBm output power in 802.11b mode

- 4MB Flash Memory

- Integrated low power 32-bit CPU

- SDIO 1.1 / 2.0, SPI, UART

- Dimensions – 49 x 24.5 x 13mm

- Integrated TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network

- Integrated PLLs, regulators, DCXO and power management units

- On board USB to serial chip to easily program and upload codes from the Arduino IDE

- Embeds logic level converter circuits

- Has on board 3.3V regulator to ensure enough power to function as your go-to WiFi chip!

- Easy access to the GPIO pins for easy prototyping

- ESP-12E Processor

- Easy to use breadboard friendly form factor

- Voltage Regulator / Converter, excellent DC to DC conversion, super efficient

guida all'utilizzo su PS4 :

PS4 Modulo Payloads injector PS4 4.05 4.55
€ 12,90
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PS4 Modulo Payloads injector PS4 4.05 4.55 Approfondisci
PS4 Lettore completo KEM-490AAA BDP-020 BDP-025
€ 44,90
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Lettore Completo per PS4 modello KEM-490AAA BDP-020 BDP-025
( è necessario montare la scheda madre originale del lettore per il corretto funzionamento ) Approfondisci
Ps3 Super Slim Lente KEM KES-850A
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Lente Laser per Playstation 3 KEM KES-850A super slim ,ricambio nuovo ed originale Approfondisci
switch Joycon RCM JIG Recovery Mode
€ 3,90
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Tool per mandare la console Nintendo switch in RCM mode Approfondisci
Nintendo Switch Connettore Di Carica Type-C
€ 9,90
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Connettore Di Carica Type-C per Nintendo Switch Approfondisci
PS4 Alimentatore ADP-240CR 4 Pin
€ 25,90
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PS4 Alimentatore ADP-240CR


ac input 100-240v 2,5A

12v e 4,8v + 4,8v 1,5A

                  + 12v 17,5A

12v            + 12v 18,3A

PS4 Joypad Scheda Di Ricarica JDS-011 12 Pin
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Scheda Di Ricarica 12 Pin completa di connettore per Joypad PS4 Dualshock 4 , modello JDS-011 Approfondisci

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